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Peter and Paul were nine years old when they began in Mary and Friends Saturday Community Integration Program. The program has taught both of them many necessary skills to function more appropriately in a variety of environments and maintain good behavior. Everyday skills were taught and the boys are capable of completing tasks and skills previously thought to be unobtainable. Mary and Friends has taught Peter and Paul the ability to make friends. The boys are always excited about their day and they both tell us how fun their day was with the Mary and Friends staff. Peter and Paul are also enrolled in Mary and Friends In-Home Respite Service.  This program has been invaluable to our family. Mary and Friends’ respite care givers and community trainers are kind, loving and trustworthy.These programs and staff have made a difference in the quality of life for Peter and Paul and for our family. We cannot thank you enough for everything you have done and continue to do for our family.

Imelda-Peter and Paul's Mother

​My daughter Ashley was first diagnosed with autism and mental retardation at the age of 3. She was later placed in the Mary and Friends community integration program.  The program was and still remains the best decision that I could have made for Ashley.  This program is a blessing to parents of challenged children. Mary and Friends’ community trainers are kind, caring and knowledgable.  Even though Ashley is non-verbal it is obvious how excited and enthusiastic she is when she goes out into the community with Mary and Friends staff. I would recommend this wonderful program to any parent of challenged children.  It gives my daughter Ashley well rounded experiences, stability and routine.  It creates and fosters close relationships with others.  Something Ashley would have limited ability to do so if she were not in the program.​

Ashley's Mother

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It is hard to believe I have been working with my younger brother Ben for approximately 13 years now.After 13 years Ben can still be childlike but he has outgrown many childlike behaviors.  I no longer see him throw himself on the floor or crawl like a baby. Sure, I am still working on life skills with Ben but my commitment to Ben is an ongoing one.  I can take pride when I see Ben throw away his own trash or put his own seatbelt on.  He has had his meltdowns and he has even made me cry after a difficult outing, but nothing can take away what Mary & Friends has given to both of us and the bond we now share, not only as brothers, but also as trainer and client.

Alfonso-Benjamin's Brother and Community Trainer

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