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The Respite Service program provides 1-to-1 care in homes for persons with developmental disabilities.  The service is designed to provide the parents/guardians with temporary relief from the responsibilities of the care which a person with developmental disability requires.  Parents/guardians can be confident with the knowledge that their relief will be in the form of a trained and qualified person who will provide the safest care that an individual with disabilities can receive.  Our skilled staff is creative and organized in the type of activities that will be individualized and tailored to each family in the absence of parent/guardians.

What We Provide:


  1. Assist With Daily Living Needs and Self-Help Skills

  2. Temporary Relief for Families and Caregivers

  3. Promote Safety Awareness Within the Home

  4. Maintain Daily Routines

  5. 24-hour Respite Care Available

What to Expect:


  • 1:1 client to staff ratio

  • 1:2 ratio for siblings

  • Ages 3 and up

  • Our Staff is CPR/AED & First Aid Certified

  • Provide Care 24 Hours, 7 Days Per Week

  • Funding through Regional Center

  • Private Paying clients welcomed

Respite Program

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