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Extended School Year Program is provided to meet the needs of families and individuals during school breaks and throughout the summer.  Individuals will learn new skills and reinforce skills already learned in order to prevent regression during school breaks.  Extended School Year is identical to the Community Integration service in that it provides 1:1 individualized training with an emphasis in acquiring appropriate behavior while in the community setting.  The program also focuses on independence, communication skills and functional life skills and participation in age-appropriate activities.  The individual is provided with trained staff in order to assist them in reaching goals and objectives to their ability level while ensuring safety.  Current needs are addressed to gradually move toward developing necessary skills to actively participate in his/her community.  The program serves individuals with autism or other developmental disabilities.

What We Provide:


  1. Training focused on developing independent life skills in the community

  2. Promote safety awareness in the community

  3. Support provided in Day Care settings or inclusion type programs

What to Expect:


  • 1:1 client to staff ratio

  • 1:2 ratio for clients with similar functioning levels, chronological age and living in close proximity

  • Ages 5 and up

  • Our Staff is CPR/AED & First Aid Certified

  • Provide Care 7 Days Per Week

  • Funding through Regional Center

  • Private Paying clients welcomed

Extended School Year Program

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